These FAQs should answer any questions , but please do call or email us for further information.

Are there any hidden costs like transport or insurance?      
For events in or close to Wiltshire there will be no extra costs. It's an all-in cost. If you would like us to travel a long way then we will negotiate this. We are fully insured for 3rd party Liability

Are you PAT tested and Insured?

How much room does the band take up?               
Surprisingly little. There are four of us, our drummer uses a fantastic electronic kit, we use a mixing desk and single amplification. We do not have loads of amps or giant speakers.

Are you very loud?
With our drummer using an electronic kit, we can be as quiet or loud as you like. With most bands that use an acoustic drum kit, the other musicians have to be loud enough to deal with the cymbals etc.

Can we ask for special songs?                               
Yes and given a bit of notice we'll do our very best to perform them for you.

Any special effects?
We have a big screen and projector to give a great backdrop for our stage. We regularly use this to enhance the look and feel of the event. If you supply us with a USB in plenty of time we could include something for your special song(s)

What is the format of a typical evening?
That is entirely up to you. It depends on whether you intend to have speeches, food, a disco etc. Generally we would play two sets - the first often lasts for an hour, the second about an hour and a half. We can provide incidental music - or we can play what you provide. We might play from 8-9pm have a gap then play 10pm- midnight. We are very flexible and will fit in with your plans.

Can we join in?
We welcome you or your friends to come and join us on stage for some impromptu karaoke - or guitarists/drummers to join in.

Would we need a disco as well?
It's up to you, but probably not. With high quality sound and lights our system would be likely to do the job. If you wanted us to play music much later than midnight, we would charge a relatively small fee
We are totally flexible to fit in with what you want.

Coney Island New York

About Us
We've been playing together for 20+ years. Based across Wiltshire, we've been lucky enough to travel all around the world as a band. We're very adaptable, flexible and will make sure that we do all we can to make your event a great one.
Lead Guitarist, uses a Burns Brian May and Stratocaster guitar

Drummer, uses a Roland electronic kit for superb versatility and sound

Singer and Bassist. Uses a 1968 Gibson. Great sound and vocal range

Singer. Keyboards,Guitar.Very versatile, classically trained. Uses a Roland Keyboard and Stratocaster guitar
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